Discovering Your Coffee Tasting Profile

Coffee drinkers are evolving. Today, coffee lovers want to know more about the story and identity behind the products and company - and this includes coffee. Where does it come from, how is it grown, what processes are taken to ensure quality? The demand for higher quality, ethically sourced, and better tasting coffee is at it's peak.

Why Taste Coffee


Some could argue that the South American region has the best coffee in the world, and truly, who can deny this. There are some really delicious coffees from this region. However, choosing a coffee by region assuming it tastes better is not necessarily the best decision.

Symphonia Coffee believes that drinking coffee is a personal experience. For this exercise, think about what you like. Do you prefer a lighter, less intrusive taste that doesn't linger on your palette? Perhaps you want a strong coffee with a bold finish. Once you figure out your preferences, now we can figure out what tasting profile you may like. A bold coffee with a caramel and molasses tasting profile might be everything you've dreamed about. Whereas, your friend may prefer a lighter coffee with floral finish.  

Why Taste Coffee - Symphonia CoffeeA few years ago, we had the pleasure of tasting an incredible roast with a unique tasting profile. The floral and honey flavors were so pronounced, it completely overwhelmed all of our tasters. Many of us immediately displayed a look of shock and intrigue. To many, the honey flavor was completely unexpected and overwhelmed their taste buds. This is one example as to why it is so important to try different coffees, and in some cases, try them at the same time to really understand what tasting profiles you enjoy.

To most, a caramel richness is preferred. Less often, however, will you see consumers wanting more expansive tasting profiles like jasmine or in our case, honey. Is this because the various coffees from various regions are inferior? No. However, it could mean that you are not familiar with those coffees and distinct flavors each variety offers. 

Many of us may set an expectation for coffee. We assume it smells and tastes similar, but this is simply not true. Once we can move beyond our expectations and expand our senses, you might begin to enjoy a new roast or blend. 

Fast forward several years, those who attended our cupping have a greater appreciation for floral and honey tasting profiles. It may not always be their preferred everyday go-to-coffee, but it is a unique and delicious coffee all the same.

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