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Opening up a fresh bag of coffee from Symphonia's Jazz Duo bundle brings to mind the beginning of a classic jazz tune. The sound of the piano keys breaks the silence, as a trumpet or two join in, followed by the driving rhythm of the upright bass. Jazz is a unique combination of music, incorporating improvisation and rhythm. Many of the greats brought Jazz to life, including John Coltrane, Dave Brubeck, Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman, Ella Fitzgerald, and even Norah. Symphonia Piano coffee and Symphonia Double Bass coffee both provide the perfect accompaniment of flavor to breakfast or dinner, featuring extraordinary, seductive aromas to awaken your senses.

Upright Bass Player - Image by Miti @mitifotos


If you're ready to start a new dawn, a new day, a new life, much like Nina Simone, a fresh brew of Symphonia Piano will get you feeling good. Smooth in finish and rich in flavor, this medium roast ground coffee easily compliments meals at any time of the day. Symphonia Piano's beautiful flavor profiles owe their very characteristics to the hard working farmers of the Parana, and Sao Paulo regions of Brazil. Boasting an abundance of volcanic soil, Catuai and Mundo Novo coffee beans grown in this area are pulped naturally, before being dried in the sun. 

Brazilian Coffee Plantation - Image by Vandelino Dias Junior

In order to fully appreciate an elegant cup of flavorful coffee, such as Piano, one must invest time into appreciating the qualities of the chocolate flavor profile and cocoa tones. Regardless of your favorite mode of brewing, Symphonia Piano may be enjoyed by a plethora of coffee lovers. This premium roast coffee is great for various brewing methods, including Moka pot, drip, and pour over methods. Whether you fancy drinking a hot cup of coffee in the early morning or late evening, turn on some Aretha Franklin, and start sipping just a little bit.

Much like the memorable lyrics Nat King Cole sang best, Symphonia Double Bass coffee is unforgettable, in every way. As a myriad of violins accentuate Nat's mellow voice, the rich cocoa tones of this medium roast ground coffee meld flawlessly with the floral and citrus flavor profile. The humble roots of this unique single origin bean begin with smallholder farmers in Molino Norte, Nicaragua. These farmers utilize soil naturally rich in clay minerals, at an 900 to 1590m elevation. By utilizing methods passed down for generations, Central American farmers grow different coffee varieties such as Catimor, Red and Yellow Catuai, and even Parainema.

Once the beans have been harvested and washed thoroughly, they are fermented for somewhere between 12 to 14 hours before being left out to dry. Why does this fermentation matter? In order to allow for an easier separation of the bean from the husk, some coffee beans are naturally fermented in the sun or in a tank of water – thereby softening the husk. The fermentation process breaks down forms of starches to make the separation easier. Before this much sought after single origin coffee reaches your door, Double Bass is received and roasted to perfection - made fresh once you’ve placed your order. Delight your overall senses with a robust mug of medium roast Double Bass coffee, any time of day.

Jazz Duo - 2 1LB Bags of Ground Coffee

Now you can recreate the vibes emanating from a local coffee shop, by brewing up a pot of Symphonia Double Bass, or Piano. Grab your cup, hit the play button on your favorite jazz playlist, and put your mind at ease. Regardless of your coffee style, Symphonia Coffee is bound to offer the perfect coffee bundle catered to your tastes. When you purchase a Symphonia bundle, you receive two bags of unique ground coffee at a 3% discount – delivered straight to your door. Whether you choose the Jazz Duo bundle, or another thoughtfully curated pair, you can rest assured the included flavors will help to remind you it's a wonderful world.

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