Cold Brew Symphonia Coffee


To many coffee fiends, cold brewed coffee is unmatched in strength, flavor and boldness. You might be wondering, how did cold brew come about? 

Cold Brew Coffee - Image by Tyler Nix

Cold brew first originated in Japan dating back to the 1600's. Kyoto-style, otherwise known as slow-drip coffee, produces it's robust, low acidic flavor by steeping the coarse coffee grounds in room temperature water. 

Chemistry 101 tells us that heating an element changes it's properties. Therefore, we can assume that when you add hot water to coffee grounds, it produces a different result than if you used water that is unheated. The result of a cold brewed coffee is a low acidic, higher concentrated brew. 

Does this affect the caffeine content?

Short answer is no. But the long answer is it depends. Usually when you steep the coffee grounds, it takes nearly two times the amount of water than if you were to make coffee with a drip coffee maker. That being said, the caffeine content is most likely comparable to that of your machine made coffee. It is unlikely that it will contain more caffeine. 

If you love coffee and prefer to avoid the antacids, grab yourself a cold brewed coffee. Or better yet, order the Symphonia Cold Brew Blend, a specialty dark roast blend with coarse grounds designed specifically for the cold brew process. Cheers! 


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